Netflix External Subtitles

Sometime Netflix doesn't offer the subtitles language you want, but it does provide a way for you to upload your own subtitles (using the hotkey Ctrl + Option + Shift + T).

However, there is a catch, Netflix only supports .dfxp subtitle files, which is uncommon.

If you need to convert your existing .srt , .ass subtitles to .dfxp , you can use online converters like https://gotranscript.com/subtitle-converter.

.srt files are better because they don't have special tags around text after conversion to .dfxp

Some useful commands:

  • File encoding conversion (GB2312 to UTF8):
perl -MEncode -pi -e '$_=encode_utf8(decode(gb2312=>$_))' *.srt
  • Re-sync subtitles (delay in seconds):
ffmpeg -itsoffset -0.8 -i filename.srt -c copy  filename-synced.srt
  • Batch re-sync:
for f in *.srt; do ffmpeg -itsoffset -0.8 -i "$f" -c copy "$f-synced".srt;done

Chinese subtitles resource: http://zimuku.la