Thoughts on Freelance Jobs

Some common pitfalls and tips on freelance jobs, a reminder for myself.

  1. It’s always good to take deposits or partial payments as the project moves along.

    Asking for and accepting what you deserve at the right time can help maintaining the relationships between you and your clients. Since we are all here for business, thing will get complicated if we add unnecessary emotions to it. Taking payments reminds us about our stands, and of course, motivations to work on the project.

  2. Don’t do it if you can’t give it all you have.

    I like to help people and I feel good when I do it. However, you should always help yourself first. If you are too busy, if you cannot give your 100% effort to the project, don’t do it. Your clients will not be happy with the result and you will be wasting your time.

  3. Set a baseline, tell them about it, and never cross it.

    Clients come to you because you are an expert of something that they know nothing about. They often will ask you to do things that they think it’s easy, but in fact requires a lot of work. This is why it’s so important to give a clear guide line when you propose them with your solution. Clearly indicate what kind of items and services that are included, and give examples on the excluded ones. Tell them you are here to make a web app, and that doesn’t bundle a setting up the mail server.

  4. Don’t be afraid to re-negotiate.

    It’s very common for a project to go little side track, and extra costs arise. Don’t hold it back, tell your clients what is wrong. Is it an extra request? Explain it to them that this request will cost you extra hours, and you need to pay for the extra coffee. Service provider cost increased? Tell your clients and come up with a solution, whether it’s paying the cost or finding another provider. No matter what, don’t keep these problem to yourself because you won’t be happy.

  5. Stop when it’s right to do so.

    When you offer your help, make sure they are ready to accept it. Offering the advice they don’t want to hear not only will cost you a freelance job, but also a client. When you feel unhappy, or something unwilling has happened, talk to your client and terminate the project if you can. An unhealthy business relationship is not beneficial to any one.

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