Typora – minimalistic markdown editor review

A little review to my favourite Markdown editor, Typora.

I read about Markdown 3 years ago when I was starting this blog. I was looking at the “Markdown Support” option in JetPack, a plugin of WordPress. I wondered what Markdown is and investigated it. No too long until I found its origin along with the Apple-centric blog.

Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format

I enjoyed writing using Markdown since I discovered it, and I have always been looking for a better Markdown editor. I have tried Mou, MacDown, Byword and many more, but I have yet to find one that I truly love.

Until few months ago, I found Typora.

Typora is a truly minimalistic Markdown Editor. Not like the other editors, Typora doesn’t separate the markdown syntax from the live preview, the two are combined into one editor. As you type, your markdown syntax will be transformed to the actual preview, like a WYSIWYG editor.

Typora offers many other power features that let you take more advantage in using markdown. The one I use the most is the Table feature. Just fill in the row and column size in the popup window, and Typora will generate the table as you wanted. So you don’t need to bother with the crazy table syntax.

Markdown Syntax of table...

Markdown | Less | Pretty
--- | --- | ---
*Still* | `renders` | **nicely**
1 | 2 | 3


Another feature I use all the time is the Table of Content. As the name suggested, it generates a ToC for you base on your current writing. Obviously, clicking on the links will direct you to the corresponding section.

Table of Content Feature

Last but not least, my favourite function, Themes! Typora uses CSS to theme it’s editor and all the built-in themes are all so beautiful, I am not even kidding.

Typora is currently on beta, and it’s free during beta! So give it a try and tell me what you think!

4 replies on “Typora – minimalistic markdown editor review”

Hi Johnson,

Thanks for the post. I have spent a long time looking for a good Markdown editor and I think I may have now found it with Typora.

Hey Johnson, I rectly got into Markdown having discarded it a few years ago. I actually understand it now and intend to ditch Word as much as I can. I discovered Typora a week ago and have been playing around with it so far. I love it, it actually makes writing fun and attractive.

I am a Table man too and do like that feature and how it is made easy. I am a ToC man too. What I found about the ToC is that if you export a document containing a clickable ToC to PDF, the ToC in the PDF file is clickable too.

It’s just about perfect.

Just two things on my wishlist:

1. an iPad version, and
2. an indication of the eventual cost.

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