iOS App project requested by Time Square HK.

The app was written in Objective-C. The wheel control of the calendar was implemented by mirroring pan gestures of the finger on the wheel. Open source library was used for QR code scanning feature.

Splash Screen

Splash Screen

Main menu

Main menu – Lines under the text will bounce between left and right at a slow speed


Calendar – This custom made calendar uses wheels as a date selection tool

Shop'n dine

Shop’n dine – custom expandable table works great with displaying categorized shops

What's up

What’s up – Real time data fetched from the server, infoming user about news and special promotions


Goodies – a function that allow user to get discounts and other goodies by scanning QR codes in Times Square

Special Events

Special Events – users can scan QR codes in Times Square to gain access to informations like text, images or videos just by scanning QR codes located in Times Square

Google Map/ Image Map

Google Map/ Image Map – depending on the internet connections, the app determines which map to use, directing the user to Times Square intelligently


Setting – Multi-language support and user account controls